Steelforce Warehouse Project

Steelforce Warehouse Project

Warehouse Construction

At QRC group we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality warehouse projects to our clients year after year. We are capable of offering clients full supply and place packages if required. These scopes typically include:

  • Concrete Supply (typical and fibre)

  • Concrete Pump / Telebelt

  • Concrete place and finish internal and external (Burnished, cove, broom & steel trowel as required)

  • Reinforcement supply

  • Reinforcement place

  • Detailed excavation

  • Formwork and armour joint installation / supply

  • FF/FL guarantees / testing

major INFRASTRUCTURE / Building Construction

QRC has delivered multiple major infrastructure projects in its 30 year history including:

  • Suncorp Stadium

  • Brisbane Airport ITB Northern Concourse Expansion

  • IKEA Northlake

  • Westfields Link Mall Northlakes

  • Queensland Institute of Medical Research

Once again we are more than happy to offer full supply and place packages for this style of work. Further to the above warehouse scope list we can offer clients suspended formwork, satellite pumping, civil and any other concrete related scope item.

ITB Northern Concourse Expansion

ITB Northern Concourse Expansion

Silk Logistic Warehouse

Silk Logistic Warehouse

container hardstand & aircraft pavement construction

Further to our warehouse and building expertise is our extensive heavy duty pavement knowledge. QRC group has delivered many successful container hardstand and aircraft pavement projects at locations such as:

  • Port of Brisbane

  • Amberley RAAF base

  • Edinburgh RAAF base

Like with all of our work we are more than willing to take on as many concrete related scope items for our clients.