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Lend Lease engaged QRC to supply, manage and deliver aircraft pavement to the Department of Defence to accommodate a new fleet of aircraft. QRC managed the entire process from laboratory trials of the concrete mix through to the submission of all QA documentation all whilst organising and accommodating Queensland based staff to work in Adelaide over a two year period.

The team at QRC delivered the highest level product in strict compliance with the project specification, which as the Principal Contractor we were provided great comfort throughout the project that the client (which in this case was the Airforce) would be delivered exactly what was specified. Lend Lease are thoroughly looking forward to the next challenging project that QRC can provide their highly skilled team, ideas, methods and quality.

Paul Hoendervanger, Senior Construction Manager, Lend Lease

Since 2013, Q Build has contracted QRC to undertake major concrete design and build projects. Their work has included the set out and detailed excavation of footings/sub structure; formwork in accordance with Code of Practice including temporary works design and construct using certified systems; supply, place and finishing of concrete. We consider QRC to have a reputation as the industry leader in their field. They are transparent in their negotiation and qualification of agreement and provide reliable delivery of works. We consider them to have overcome many challenges during their contracts including ambiguous documentation, accelerated timeframe, protracted work and IR challenges. Overall QRC provides good leadership, good site supervision and has a very cooperative management with a problem solving and can-do attitude.

Gary Edmunds, Senior Site Manager | NYDC Project | QBuild

QRC provides great customer service and always ensure the clients are satisfied. For over  four years we’ve relied on them to deliver several large concrete projects for us, ranging from full supply and install to just labour only. What we like about QRC is that they offer a professional service, are extremely well organised and resourced, and reduce our workload by being self-sufficient and don’t need micromanaging. They drive the construction program as they have the resources to complete large volumes of work and handle the detail, e.g. concrete orders, reo deliveries, pumps and machinery. Together we discuss the best solutions beneficial for both businesses. They also provide design innovation with their in-depth knowledge of concrete construction (e.g. redesign concrete mix, joint designs, fibrecrete technology) and either deliver the program or improve it – with quality results. Through market research and purchasing of new concrete plant tech (e.g. laser screeds etc.) they continually improve the service they provide. They also offer up new structural solutions such as external fibrecrete slabs which provide cost and time benefits.

One of the main things that stand out is that they don’t just settle with the service they provide now, they are always looking to improve, which is great in the construction industry as it is very dynamic. QRC understands that a successful working relationship is a two way street. If you work together both parties will benefit.

Andrew Park, Project Manager, Construction, FKG

Richard Crookes Constructions awarded QRC the concrete supply and place tender for their $500 million FRAGTC facility at Redbank Plains. We based this decision on value for money and on assessment of the quality of other projects QRC has delivered. We’ve been blown out of the water by QRC’s professionalism and service. Over the last 12 months they have enabled our project to run to schedule by being very accommodating but leading with a can-do attitude to make everything happen. They’ve also shown great attention to detail and delivered additional services including earthworks. We are extremely pleased with our partnership on the project.

Michael French, Richard Crookes Construction

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