QRC Group is a concrete trade contractor operating out of Brisbane, providing concreting services to clients throughout Queensland and interstate.

Our people on the ground are some of the very best trades people in the industry and they are supported by a professional group of senior managers and supervisors.  In addition to our excellent team the company has also invested heavily in some of the latest machinery and equipment on the market including concrete pumps, laser & truss screeds, roller pavers and ride on trowelling equipment.


We believe that quality is our sustainable competitive advantage. In other words quality is what we choose to compete on. Not solely price or delivery but overall quality in terms of our approach as well as our production results. So what you will experience when you work with QRC will be an approach that is respectful, helpful, professional, and consistent and one that is committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve the desired results ethically.


At QRC we value the physical safety of our employees and the employees from other companies that we interface with throughout the work day. Therefore we have in place a process designed to prevent accidents or incidents from occurring. This process is supported by ongoing training initiatives designed to raise everybody’s level of awareness regarding safety.


 At QRC we believe that if it can be done a better way than let’s do it. This philosophy has led to the continued investment in the latest available technology both for office and on site use.

We have also recently spent heavily on upgrading our site based plant and equipment stocks so that our production teams have the best available tools at their disposal.


“Throughout the project QR Contracting's management team and site staff displayed a consistently high commitment to the projects quality, safety and program objectives. They worked in excess of 33,000 man hours during the construction of the pavements and the one lost time injury was not directly related to the pavement construction.”

— Baulderstone - Port of Brisbane Project